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HAC Method

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Developed by Horacio Álvarez Clementi


HAC Method

Horacio Álvarez Clementi


Inside the track

No. 1 in the world ranking 1988,89,90 and 91 together with Alejandro Lasaigues.

Champion of the Professional Circuit and the Spanish Master 1989.

World champion with the Argentine National Team
at the 1992 World Cup in Argentina.

Captain of the team that became World Champion in Argentina 1994 and in Spain 1996.

Coach of the best players in the world: Hernán Auguste, Alejandro Lasaigues, Roby Gattiker, Pablo Semprún, Mariano Lasaigues, Sebastian Nerone, Gabriel Reca, Matias Diaz, Miguel Lamperti, Ramiro Moyano, Maxi Grabiel, Willy Lahoz, Alvaro Cepero, Fernando Belasteguín, Pablo Lima, Maxi Sanchez, Sanyo Guitierrez, Paquito Navarro, Agustín Tapia…


Off the track

Creator of the HAC teaching method, the most recognized method
worldwide with more than 4,000 trained coaches.

Inventor of the first glass paddle tennis court.

First president of the “Association of Professional Padel Players”.

Promoter of the first Coca-Cola professional circuit (1987-1992).

Director of the padel area of the RACE club in Ciudalcampo, Madrid (2001-2019).

Director of the Padel People Torrelodones club, Madrid (2014 / to date).

Director of the Novopadel club in Móstoles, Madrid (2018 / to date).

Padel Master of the ON LINE training projects
World Mastery and Padel MBA.

Advisor of the teaching methodology for monitors applied in different federations such as the Mexican, Brazilian, Spanish…

Speaker at symposiums for professors and players in different countries and federations.

Product and brand image consultant in the Decathlon padel area.